AMUT BIELLONI CONVERTING - Centered-Peripheral Type

BV series: a family of high performances machines suitable to slit and rewind semirigid, rigid or flexible plastic films, PVC, polyestyrene, laminated webs and special papers.

The high quality rewinding is ensured by the center-peripheral combined system and by the two independent central drums. Working speed from 400 to 900 m/min.


Technical data:
Mother reel Ø (mm):         1000 or 1200 with separate unwinder (1500 optional)
Useful width (mm):           1500-1600-1800-2000-2500-3000-3500-4000
Slit reels Ø max (mm):      600-800-1000
Min. cutting width (mm):   220 (200) with arm-pairs
                                          65 with cantilevered arms and expandible chucks
Speed:                               up to 900 m/min depending on the machine width

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