Outstanding features:
Compact  and  reliable  machine  for  the  qualified  production  of flexible laminated films for packaging by solventless adhesives.
- Laminating unit specially located right after the coating unit.The  web  path  is  kept  far  from  the  floor  avoiding  fine  dust pollution.
- 80 mm cast iron frames, which eliminates vibrations.
- Larger  diameter  thermocontrolled  cylinders  both  on  the coating and laminating stations
- Transfer roller rotating at differential speed which optimises the glue layer.
- The  second  transfer  roller  is  composed  of  a  sleeve  housed and  locked  on  a  steel  carrier.  The  sleeves  can  be  easily replaced by pneumatically lifting one side of the carrier being this one pivoting in a roller bearing housing. Therefore, there is no need to dismount the sleeve mandrel. After lifting, the sleeve can be unlocked and drawn out by floating on a layer compressed air fed through the steel carrier.
- Shaftless unwinders and rewinder lifting and/or releasing the rolls directly on the floor
- The  drive  is  made  by  high  performance  maintenance-free vector motors.
- Main  functions  control  and  setting  by  interface  displaying panel.

Technical data
Coating width: from mm 1600 (62”) up to 2400 mm (94”)
Production speed:  up to 400 m/min
Frame thickness: 80 mm (3,1”)
Transfer cylinder:  on cantilevered mandrel
Max. diameter of unwinding reels: up to 1.800 mm (70")
Max. diameter of rewinding reel: up to 1800 mm (70")

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