Outstanding features:
- Being the laminating station located on the opposite side of the glueing section it results very close to the unwinder of the material to  be  laminated.  This  particular  configuration  facilitates  and optimizes the lamination of delicate webs such as thin alu-foil at very high speed;
- the maximum machine speed is up to 450 m/min (1300 fpm);
-  all  electrical  and  electronic  components  are  confined  inside  of  a cabinet which is part of the machine body for easier wiring and maintenance;
-  very precise tension controls due to selected electronic components;
-  easy and quick change of the transfer roll because of pneumatic sleeve and cantilevered mandrel;
 - optional shaftless unwinders and rewinder lifting and/or releasing the rolls directly on the floor;
- thick  and  ribbed  cast  frame  (80  mm)  for  the  highest  machine stability at top speed;
- very precise two components glue mixing and metering of brand new design.


Technical data
Coating width: mm 1200 (47”) – 1400 (55”) – 1600 (63”)
Production speed:  up to 450 m/min
Frame thickness: 80 mm (3,1”)
Transfer cylinder:  on cantilevered mandrel
Max. diameter of unwinding reels: up to 1.300 mm (51")
Max. diameter of rewinding reel: up to 1300 mm (51")


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