The  JULIA  MULTISYSTEM is  a  compact  and  reliable  machine designed for the qualified production of flexible laminated films for food  packaging  and  pharmaceutical  products,  by  solventless and/or  solvent  adhesives.  

Outstanding  features:
- 80 mm cast iron frames, which eliminates vibrations;
- the  web  path  is  kept  far  from  the  floor  avoiding  fine  dust pollution;
- with the different displaceable trolleys, the following technologies can be applied:
1. Solventless coating: glue coating is granted to be precise and uniform,  thanks  to  the  generous  dimensions  of  cylinders, accurancy in the speed differential between cylinders and absolute absence of vibrations.
2. Rotogravure coating (solvent): the rotogravure group allows the register coating of lacquers and adhesives on the basis of different designs on pre-printed materials. Min/Max repeats of print cylinders: 340 mm / 800 mm.
3. Flexographic  printing  group:  the  group  is  equipped  with  a closed  doctor  blade  chamber,ceramic  anilox  and  printing cylinder (printing repeat is from 340 to 800 mm). Using a register control system, this printing group can make register printing on pre-printed film.
4. Reverse-Roll / Kiss-Roll coating.
5. Cold Seal Register Printing.


Technical Data
Coating width : mm 1300 (51”) – 1400 (55”) – 1600 (59”)
Mechanical speed : 400 mt/min
Frame thickness : 80 mm (3,1”)
Max. diameter of unwinding reels : up to 1300 mm (51")
Max. diameter of rewinding reel : up to 1300 mm (51")

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