Telia Maxi is the latest development of the FSC (Fast Sleeve Change) system applied to our gearless technology.


Main features:
- Totally interchangeable printing decks with identical mechanical components for each deck to simplify maintenance;
- Dual high precision linear guides;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Step-by-step  motors  to  repeat  every  position previously recorded;
- New self-cleaning pneumatic doctor blade chamber;
- “FSC” system for sleeve change and rapid deck opening with horizontal movement;
- Integrated automatic deck wash-up system;
- Air recirculation bridge to increase drying efficiency;
- Motorised bridge threading and passage;
- Automatic pressure and register control system;
- Electrical equipment in climate controlled container.


Technical Data
Number of decks : 6/8/10
Useful printing width : up to 2.800 mm (87")
Anilox and plate mandrels : carbon fibered
Minimum print repeat : 350 mm
Maximum print repeat : 1.100 mm (43") - 1.250 mm (49") - 1.400 mm (55")
Mechanical speed : up to 450 m/min


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