The Telia NW machines have been studied for very short runs. On this type of presses, even printing one roll only will become economical.
The machine is extremely compact and only one operator can easily work on the press and change jobs by using the patented FSC  system.


Main Features:
- Totally  interchangeable  printing  decks  with  identical mechanical  components  for  each  deck  to  simplify maintenance;
- Dual high precision linear guides;
- Step-by-step  motors  to  repeat  every  position previously recorded;
- New self-cleaning pneumatic doctor blade chamber;
- “FSC”  system  for  sleeve  change  and  rapid  deck opening with horizontal movement;
- Integrated automatic deck wash-up system;
- Air recirculation bridge to increase drying efficiency;
- Motorised bridge threading and passage;
- Pressure and register remote control;
- Electrical equipment in climate controlled container.


Technical Data
Number of decks : 6/8/10
Useful printing width : from 650 (25") up to 1.100 mm (43")
Anilox and plate cylinder : sleeve type
Minimum print repeat : 260 mm
Maximum print repeat : 800 mm
Mechanical speed : 400 m/min


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