B Matic Twin is a high speed slitter rewinder with automatized reel changing cycle for an increase of productivity.

This machine is highly suitable to process any film for packaging, printed or non, with the only exception of very thin and elastic PE films.

All motors are vector type.
Easy reels positioning thanks to a laser-rays based pointing system and an on-bord computer controls all functions of the machine at work.

The winding takes placed on frictioned differential shafts with sphere self-lockers (Smart Shaft) which allow an easy side unloading of the finished reels and reduce to the minimum the time necessary to prepare the mandrels.


Technical data:
Speed:                                           up to 900 m/min depending on the machine width
Stop time during change phase:   20 seconds
Useful width:                                1200 (47”) - 1300 (51”) - 1400 (55”) - 1500 (59”) - 1600 (63”) mm
Mother reel Ø:                               up to 1200 mm (43”)
Slit reels Ø:                                   600 mm (24”)
Minimum slit reels width:              50 mm (1,9”)
Standard cutting system:              with oscillating blades (optional circular knives)
Tension control:                            with 3 a.c. vector motors
Winding shafts:                            “Smart Shaft” type, self-locking spheres without spacers

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