BIELLOFLEX Tea Servo Drive is the latest development in our range of Stack presses with servo-drives and sleeves change system and it has been designed to print on tubular film for heavy duty sacks, woven sacks, pet food sacks.


Main features: 
- Mechanical speed up to 250 m/minute and 800 mm. (32”) maximum print repeat. 
- All the printing units are remotely controlled.
- The printing section can be also installed in-line with existing extrusion lines.
- Available in 6 and 4 colour versions, all of them based on the servo-driven technology that allows a quick register set up. 


Technical Data 
Number of decks : 4-6 Useful 
printing width (stand alone machine) : up to 1.500 mm (59") 
Useful printing width (in-line with extrusion lines) : up to 1.800 mm (71") 
Minimum print repeat : 300 mm (12") 
Maximum print repeat : up to 800 mm (32") 
Mechanical speed : up to 250 m/min

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