AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI - Stretch Film (PE based)

AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI delivers Stretch Film Lines from 3 to 7 layer configurations (as standard configurations) or with Micro layer / Nanolayer technology (27 - 31 or more layers). Net width available is from 1 up to 4 meters, for net productions up to 2300 kg/h.

Design of new screw profiles to comply with newly introduced resins and film formulations.

New generation of high-speed automatic winders, capable to reach 1000 m/min speed.


Main Features:
FEEDING                                   Gravimetric groups, continuous or batch type
EXTRUDERS                             45 - 55 – 65 – 75 – 90 – 105 – 120 – 150 – 160 – 180 DEKC
L/D RATIO                                  30, 32, 33 and 40
FEEDBLOCK and DIE               Up to 7 layers with dual or triple chamber vacuum box
                                                   Option: for Nanolayer technology and side encapsulation
CHILL-ROLL                              Main cooling jumbo size roll Ø 1500 mm + Secondary chill roll
GAUGE CONTROL SYSTEM    Automatic control system with following choice of sensors:
WINDERS                                   High speed
                                                    Automatic winder for hand and machine rolls, bleeded or bleedless
                                                    Automatic robotized winder for machine and Jumbo Rolls, bleed or bleedless
                                                    All winders with automatic re-coring and cores storage
                                                    Automatic winders for HAND, MACHINE and JUMBO rolls
RECOVERY OF THE TRIMS     In-line reprocessing systems
SUPERVISOR                            Operator friendly line supervisor model logicontrol 2.0
ADDITIONAL DEVICES             Robotized shaft handling system



Hand roll, machine roll, jumbo roll   1000 mm   3   Up to 800 kg/h
Hand roll, machine roll, jumbo roll   1500 mm   3/5   Up to 1100 kg/h
Hand roll, machine roll, jumbo roll   2000 mm   3/5/7   Up to 1500 kg /h
Hand roll, machine roll, jumbo roll   3000 mm   3/5/7   Up to 2000 kg/h
Machine roll, jumbo roll   4000 mm   5/7   Up to 2300 kg/h


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