AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI offers a wide range of cast line for the production of Polipropilene film (CPP), equipped with:
- New double barrier screw to improve melt quality and reduce energy consumption, specifically designed for Polipropilene resins
- Optimal L/D ratio for perfect melt quality production
- IR heating for quicker heating and lower energy consumption
- Vector motors, lower power consumption
- Reduced length of connection necks between extruders and feedblock
- Cast extrusion die with “positive” inclination on the chill-roll
- Dynamic vacuum depression blade unit Mod. DV™
- Video controlled forced feeder Trims reprocessing unit 

The result of the above mentioned features is highest production speed of up to 400 mt/min and low power consumption per kg of film produced.


Main Features:
FEEDING                                      Gravimetric systems, of continuous or batch type
EXTRUDERS                                Specific design for PP resins: 48 – 60 – 75 – 100 – 130 – 160 – 180

L/D RATIO                                    33 - 35
FEEDBLOCK and DIE                 Variable or fix geometry feed block
                                                      Automatic extrusion die with internal deckling system
CHILL-ROLL                                Dual-type
GAUGE CONTROL SYSTEM      Automatic control system with following choice of sensors:
WINDERS                                     Automatic turret winder
                                                      Automatic turret winder with independent arm
RECOVERY OF THE TRIMS       In-line reprocessing systems
SUPERVISOR                              Operator friendly line supervisor model logicontrol 2.0
ADDITIONAL DEVICES               In-line multislit system
                                                      Annealing section
                                                      MDO single or double

Example of the lines outputs:

1200 mm   3   Up to 400 kg/h
1600 mm – 1800 mm   3   Up to 600 kg/h
2100 mm   3/5   Up to 750 kg/h
2400 mm   3/5   Up to 1000 kg /h
2800 mm   5   Up to 1200 kg/h
3700 mm   5   Up to 1500 kg/h
4500 mm   5   Up to 2400 kg/h

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