AMUT - Easy Feed System

EA Extruder-52 D + Easy Feed is the innovative extrusion and feeding concept developed by AMUT R&D Division to process up to 100% re-grind material.
Fusing latest technologies and consolidated know how, it represents an easy-to-use system for the operator achieving flexible production.
EA Extruder-52 D + Easy Feed process all the thermoplastic materials used in the thermoforming phase, perfectly handling both light and heavy ground materials:
- bulk density rate less than 200 kg/m³ - skeleton grinding thickness down to 0.15 mm;
- bulk density rate of 650 kg/m³ - skeleton grinding thickness over 2 mm.

During the sheet extrusion process, the presence of the ground material recycled from the thermoforming phase, causes a reduction of the material bulk density in the extruder feeding.
The reduction is largely variable depending on the ground material and the ground skeleton thickness.
The Easy Feed system allows to control the extruder output regardless of the ground material’s bulk density and its percentage.

Easy Feed is equipped with:
- mixing group and polymers and additives handling at feeding of the extruder.
- horizontal-axis dosing system, bivalent type. This system underfeeds the screw in presence of high bulk density materials and overfeeds it in case of low bulk density ones.
- integrated automation system for self-adjustments of the working conditions parameters when melt bulk density varies in the extruder feeding zone.

Easy Feed System

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