AMUT - Lines for the production of pipes

Materials: PVC, PE, PP, PEX, PA

Range of diameters: up to 1.600 mm


- pressure piping                                                             
- water distribution systems
- irrigation plants
- non pressure piping
- sewer systems
- waters discharge systems for civil and industrial buildings
- meteoric waters discharge
- venting systems
- industrial applications
- cable conduits
- flexible pipes
- gardening hoses
- medical pipes
- fluids suction
- protection sheathing for electric cables

- under pressure pipes                                             
- water transportation and distribution
- gas distribution systems
- irrigation plants
- dripper irrigation systems
- discharge pipes
- protection lines for electric cables
- pipes with low friction inner sheathing
- 2 and 3-outlet pipes
- bi-oriented pipes for the production of shotgun shells

- underground discharge pipelines
- discharge piping for building dumping, also sound absorbent
- distribution plants for hot sanitary water
- drainage plants
- industrial plants for corrosive products transportation
- pipes for flues

- distribution plants for hot sanitary water
- traditional and floor heating
- heating plants for greenhouses
- geothermic plants
- distribution systems for district heating

- braking plants                                                                        
- compressed air and vacuum plants
- pipes for the inner sliding of metallic parts, cable guide
- pipes for medium and low pressure oils and hydrocarbons



Lines for the production of pipes

Pipe in Pipe

Drip Irrigation Pipes

5-layer PEX pipes

Heads for pipes

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