AMUT - Lines for the production of profiles

Materials: PVC, PA, WPC, EPS, PO, PMMA, PC, TPR, ABS, WPC, Foam PS


- profiles for the building industry
- windows and gaskets
- doors
- rolling shutters
- gutters
- fencing
- spacing joints
- profiles for furnishing
- furniture edge bands
- coatings
- technical profiles for industry
- expanded foam profiles

PA: thermal joints

WPC: PO or PVC Polymers together with wood flour, rice chaff, sugar cane, hemp and others.

(Direct extrusion process for this application).

EPS: frames

PO: solid and hollow profiles for building industry, inside and outside furnishing, packaging and other applications.

PMMA e PC: profiles for inside and outside furnishing, technical applications.

TPR: gaskets, also co-extruded, for windows and cars.

ABS: automotive industry


Lines for the production of profiles


Thermal Breaking Profiles


Pictures Frames

Waterstop Profiles

Sizing and cooling units

Haul-off and cutting units

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