Laminating Machines

JULIA STAR/Solventless
Compact and sturdy machine for the production of flexible laminated films for packaging with solventless adhesives.

This model is equipped with:
- Laminating station placed very close to the uwinder of the film to be laminated and to the winder of the laminated film.
- Electrical cabinet integrated in the machine for an easier maintenance.
- Ultra sensitive tension control system.
- Easy and fast sleeve change system with cantilever shaft.
- Shaftless unwinders and rewinder with loading and/or unloading of the roll from the floor.


JULIA MAXI/Solventless
High efficiency and sturdy machine properly designed for the lamination of paper, cardboard, aluminium and heavy gauge CPP, PVC and LDPE films.

This model is equipped with:
- Laminating unit located right after the coating unit. The web runs far from the floor thus avoiding fine dust pollution.
- 80-mm thick cast iron frames for no vibrations.
- Thermocontrolled cylinders with larger diameter for both coating and laminating units.
- The transfer roller is sleeve type.
- Coating and lamination units placed very close to each other so the machine can be operated by only one technician during start up and
running phases.

JULIA PLUS/Multisystem
Compact and reliable machine designed for the production of flexible laminated films for food, beverage, industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging, by solventless, solvent or water based adhesives.

The trolley technologies available are:
- Solventless coating: glue coating is precise and uniform because of cylinders with large diameters, accuracy of speed ratio of the coating cylinders and absence of vibrations.
- Rotogravure coating (solvent or water based adhesives): the rotogravure group allows the register coating of lacquers and adhesives depending on the particular designs made on pre-printed materials. Printing repeat is from 340 to 800 mm.
- Flexographic printing group: the group is equipped with a closed doctor blade chamber, a ceramic anilox and a printing cylinder. By
using a register control system, this printing group can make register printing on pre-printed film. Printing repeat is from 340 to 800 mm.
- Reverse-Roll / Kiss-Roll coating.
- Cold Seal Register Printing.



Laminating Machines