AMUT DOLCI EXTRUSION - Extrusion Coating Lines for Woven and Non-woven

Automatic contact or turret-type rewinders, with accurate tension control system and roll diameter up to 1.800 mm.
Extruders for single or multiple layer confi gurations, for output up to 900 kg/h.
Semi-automatic or automatic dies, with external or internal deckling systems.
Mobile carts supporting extruders and die.
Chill-rolls properly designed for low-medium or high speed and width up to 2.600 mm.
Special versions with reverse-pass for tubular web (2-side coating).
Semi-automatic or automatic turret unwinders, for roll diameter up to 1.800 mm.
Edge trims recovery and reprocessing unit.
Control board with line supervisory system and data recording.
Customized lines with special unwinders (splicers) with no-stop roll-change.
Special cast-coating lines for sanitary industry, for the production of elastic belts for diapers.
Special rewinders with in-line multiple slitting.


Extrusion Coating Lines for Woven and Non-woven

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