AMUT WORTEX - Machines and Plants for MSW

Machines and Plants for MSW

The equipment and recycling systems developed by AMUT-WORTEX, allow separation of all types of scrap, accelerating the classification and recycling process of the waste, including the complete Standard Line, Modular Standard Systems, and turn-key solutions, developed according to clients’ needs and materials to be processed.


AMUT-WORTEX is local reference for AMUT ECOTECH products.

List of recovered materials:

•  Plastic

•  Glass

•  Biomass

•  Ferrous and non-ferrous material

•  Tyres

•  Paper and Cardboard (OCC and ONP)

•  Flexible fibres

•  Waste from municipal single stream

•  Mixed material

•  RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)



AMUT ECOTECH range of machines